I do this by choice

Many people question the ethics of paid sex. From this high class we want to make clear our positioning
We believe that is worth opening the debate from two perspectives: that the person who offers his sexual services(profesional) and the one who takes them (client).

Sex Profesional

Is not the same as aperson being forced to offer sexual services (whether out necessity or because they are a victim of networks of explotations of person) as the one who does so of his own free will
Obviously, fro a legal and also ethical point of view, prostitution organized through operating networks is an execrable activity and we understand that it must be persecuted. There is nothing to justify the explotation of others, forcing them to engage in prostitution in a Exchange for supposed protection
We could also say to a slightly lesser degree, that when a person prostitute himself out of economic necessity, because he finds no other livelihood in societies like ours where job opportunities often do not existo r exist for a limited number of people, prostitution is an alternative, forced by necessity, but alternative forced by necessity, but alternative at the end of the day.
And of course, totally different is the person who offers his sexual services because he wants to because he likes


In general the client moves by patterns of behavior that are easy to understand: because he has no sexual partner, or because his partner does not meet his expectations. An he finds in prostitution to his wishes, and for that he is willing to pay
In our opinión, when the relationship between a profesional and a client is free and conditioned by issues such as necesity or worse, submiosion become as valid a relationship as any
Moreover, we understand that prostitution, the one in which there is freedom on both sides, is beneficial for society, because it promotes an area in which sexual needs and desires can also manifest themselves freely.
Although we engage in this, we are people of our time and sensitized to situations of abuse and abuse arising from the economic need, deception and mafias in which some women (and also some men) are forced to engage in prostitution against their will and by force. These are very hard and sad cases, and from this point of view, obviously we are no stranger to the suffering that they distill and categorically repudiate.

When I’m the one who wants to be a whore

But ¿what about those people who own their body, their minds and their lives, and who decide to dedicate themselves to this voluntarily and from their complete independence? ¿Are they not entitled to it? ¿Is banning prostitution not equally a cut in the individual freedom of these people?
The prostitution, even if many sectors do not want to see it, is not a crime by either parts if there is a willingness and mutual respect. One person can propose to another the conditions he wishes to practice sex, and that also implies possible financial consideration, if it is consensual by both parts. There is no crime in this, neither legal nor ethical. We advocate regulation of the sector that encourages other abusive situations to have no place in our society.

Freedom of decision, sex by choice

The ladies who approach our agency do so from their personal will. We don’t catch them, we extort them. We are mere intermediaries and we offer basically management and privacy. They do what they want, as far as they want and while they want. There is no obligation on our part to stay, nor to attend to cases that are unpleasant or outside the conditions that they accept themselves. Never. Never. And we want to make this very clear. Our agency treats both girls and clients with a silk glove and this is sacred to us. Our girls know we’ll be by your side in any situation. Our customers too.
Sex, like everything, can be negotiable. For many reasons, each will have their own: because you want easy, immediate and no after repercussions to suggestive experiences; because you want to experience limit adventures; because you just like some punctual filia and don’t find someone to practice it with. The motivations are diverse. And it is very legal for a lady to want to offer a service because she likes it, because she has the necessary resources for it or simply because it is attractive, morbid or financially profitable to give herself to the cause. Who are we to judge it? Whores have been around since time immemorial and it seems perfect to us.