Tips for challenguing ejaculation with a scort

If you are concerned about ejaculation rightaway when you are with acompanion, we propose to follow these tips that we give you to enjoy your sexual adventure to the fullest.

Sex in general is always a very pleasant and exciting experience and it is easy that if you are not prepared it can cause you to have an early ejaculation shorly after starting with the relationship. Especially in those people who have less experience or are not accustomed to this tipe situations
Running quicly when you start the relationship when you’re with a scultural luxury scort is more common tan it looks, and it´s normal if we look at the situation. You as a client, find yourself in front of an impressive woman with and incredible physique with wich you know that you will have sex and with wich you will be able to fulfill your fantasies, besides you know that there will be no commitment or ties afterwards; and if that´s not enough, she´s got a lot experience and knows how to give you pleasure. And of course if you ejaculate.

Seven tricks to hold up more orgasm

And so that you can enjoy it to the fullest when an scort is perfoming a natural French or when you are testing anal sex for the first time, we give you some tips to delay ejaculation in your sexual encounters:

  1. Slow down. Setting a slower but steady pace will help you enjoy the relationship and not rush towards orgasm. It looks complicated, but you can rehearse it.
  2. Ambient music. Slow music will be perfect to help you set a slower pace because your body will try to follow the beat. In addition, the music is perfect to recreate an erotic and sensual atmosphere.
  3. Control breathing. Try breathing slower when you´re having sex and feel your excitement rise. Breathing tends to upset us, so if you control your bresthimg, you can control your body´s impulses.
  4. Stop and get out for a momento. It may cut off the excitement of the momento, but in extreme situations it is the best remedy to delay ejaculation and be able to continue having sex for a longer period of time. And you can always take advantage of this pause to dedícate yourself to manual or mouth work.
  5. Masturbate first. Masturbation is one the best trick you can apply to prepare your body. Once you´ve ejaculated, the body takes longer to recover for a second ejaculation. Soy you konw, do your homework before you leave the house.
  6. Leave the best for last. If your favorite sexual practise is a Cuban, or black kiss, or facial French and you know you can´t resiste the pleasure it provoques you, leave it for the end, so you won´t have to worry about not getting carried away.
  7. Relax, take it easy, go gradually, enjoy experince.

And if none of these tips work for you and you still feel like you´re going to ejaculate the first time when you´re with a luxury scort, you can always take adventage of the classic, thinking about unpleasant things, such as your assessment of the latest political controversy, or trying to remember which players on your team gave it their all in the last match.