Tips for you to be considered a good customer

It often happens that a client finds an scort with wich he estalishes especial conection and in that case he usually repeats and repeats.

These are particularly interesting relationships because they are created within an envoiroment where much trust and security is builded.
If you think it fits within your tastes an needs we can give you some tips that facilitate that relationships that for the client is very special and liberating and for the scorts means to have good client is very special and liberating and for the scort means to have good clients, trusted clients.
These tips are not the panacea nor all of them serve all scort, but keeping them in mind will help you a lot.

  1. Try to know things about the luxury scort you like to be with. It´s not about obsesssing, but both in your encounters with her and in the many information systems that tecnology allows us today you can find details of it that can be usefull for her to feel better about you. Even if it´s not your wife or your girlfriend, treat her as if she were shrink her, she ´ll reward you…
  2. Take care of some details, such as dressing properly, or being puntual or courteus,because no one is bitter about a Candy…
  3. Try to Know what services your luxury scort offers you. It will be easier to relate in proximity.
  4. Do not forget that, although it makes you fell very comfortable in your personal relationship, for the scort this is her job. Arriving with her to clearly agree on the services you want paying her in advance, giving her a gift occasionally ore ven a tip… Everything helps you consider you a VIP customer.
  5. Maybe you think you should live up to her sexual expectation. Don´t torment yourself, maybe it´s not what she expect.
  6. The fact that this is the work of the scort does not entitle you to abuse. Disrespect, Word offenses, foul language or crude language are not generali good cover letters.Treat your scort well and she will alsolike to repeat and repeat and repeat with you..
  7. Personal higiene (yours and hers) are very important and you must let your sexual partner be clear about this issue.
  8. If you have and ongoing relationship with an scort, sometimes dedicating a special time for her can help a lot:a dinner a night of dance or theatre.

As wew have said before, are tipss that individually or together can be usefull if you like to think that a luxury scort considers you are good client and also thatsshe wants to be with you.

Wi will no tire of defending that scorting is far from pure prostitution. In the scorting the personal relationship is very important.